Hole in the Head  is about to bring you the most primitive, original and organic roots rock n´roll played alive right into your face. We don´t care what is happening in the scene, we have got the songs that no-one else has.  We have the rhythm, we have the crazy knock out action!


Hole in the Head was founded in Kuopio 1997. In the beginning their music had a powerful load of garage-punk and rockabilly mixed to their own, low tuned, fuzzy guitars and howling vocals.

The scale has become wider: influences have gone closer to country, rhythm ‘n’ blues and rock ‘n’ roll . With almost two decades of kicking energetic shows in the field of Finnish underground rock ‘n’ roll scene under the belt, the band has finally found the perfect blend for its musical style. They call it primitive rock ‘n´ roll. It comes naturally!

The band released a couple of well-received 7″ EPs in the early 2000s. During the Summer of 2012 Hole in the Head recorded 13 songs for a debut full length album at Suprovox Studio, Ikkala, with Tomi Leino. After the session, the band’s longtime drummer Laasanen (since2002) decided to leave the group. Later bassist Turkka (since 2008)  also faded away from the band.

Sasse & Andy decided to release the album by themselves, and take the whole thing seriously. They also started to play gigs as Sasse & Andy Duo during the long waiting process. Despite the frustration of band almost breaking up, the band had recorded something timeless and brilliant at Leino’s countryside studio.

Sounds were warm and amazing, and band had the privilege to pick the best 10 gems out of 13 to master for the album. The three other tracks will also see the light of day some day. Sasse luckily found new members Tony and Joonas, and felt that they were perfect dudes to rock the hell out of the stage. So finally Hole in the Head is ready to take the world with a storm with their eagerly awaited full-lenght debut “Primitive Love”. 

Line up at the moment:

Sasse – vocals, guitar

Turkka – upright bass

Joonas – Drums

Kosonen – saxophone and percussions